What is I-PV?
Best practices

I have originally developed i-PV for private use. However, I realized it can also be beneficial to the community at large. So I started a personal blog some time ago..
I try to keep here tidy and minimal. However you can go to the blog site and have more information on the development process and new features. You might be interested with the following pages from the blog:

i-PV mainChangelogFeedbackHelpAbout

You can also visit blob.js tutorial, a small library I have written for making blobs.
In the blog site you will also be able to send forms for suggestions. You can contact me below:

Ibrahim Tanyalcin
Email: ibrahim.tanyalcin@i-pv.org
Email2: support@i-pv.org
Center of Medical Genetics,
Room Nr:A04-302, Uz Brussel
Laarbeeklaan 101, 1090 Jette

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