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Current version: v1.43.2
-Fixed an issue where the uploaded file to plot highlights would render OK in offline chrome but they would fade-out in the online version. This is because in the online version the css for markElements class takes precedence over Javascript for some reason. The fix comments out the styles under markElements class. Instead, native d3 transitions are used for the style. However the markElements class is still valid, meaning that you can select all highlights regardless of their 'bind' value by d3.selectAll('.markElements')...
-Fixed the background control text bug by attaining namespaces to transitions.
-Fixed an issue where user would extract cDNA with 30 items per line but the file would be formatted with 10 items per line instead.
-Changed highlight rendering time from 350ms to 1500ms.
Current version: v1.43.1
-Fixed an issue where the user would click on "Hide Options" and then howering on the middle region would bring back selected aminoacid circles.
version: v1.43
-Added the Lotus View, which integrates the coding sequence with the protein sequence.
-You can now extract mRNA corresponding to sequence between 2 residues. Extracted sequence is always in frame.
version: v1.42-beta-5
-Right click on the graph options closes the graph screen as shown in intro section.
-The auto-navigate option when user right-clicks is changed to fit the new outline.
-Pixel values in neon-effects and the email highligh stroke are changed to fit the new outline.
-The svg headers are changed. This is due to the fact that some users might have problems with zooming in and out. From now on when the user opens the html file it is automatically viewed in a smaller scale.
-Small CSS improvements for the svg and the body elements.
-Added a new feature where user can automatically see polyphen2 and sift scores. Based on thresholds (polyphen > 0.85, sift <0.05), the SNVs are classified. Predicted deleterious SNVs are depicted with demon figure whereas the benign ones with angels-Dropped Out. To turn this on, click on the "Color-coding" option on the top right corner.
-Changed and updated the email correspondence when the user clicks on the i-PV logo.
-Click on background also changes html background to avoid unwanted pathces.
-Added 'no warnings;' inside the block where smartmatch operator is used. It is currently commented. If you do not want to see smartmatch warnings just remove the '#' signs.
-Added clock on the top right corner. Click on the clock icon to turn on/off this geeky add-on.
-Added a drag ability to the Graph Window. Double-click on the graph window or press 'ctrl+A' to enable dragging.(Chrome exclusive due to lack of svg-event handler support in other browsers.)
-Fixed path data causing Firefox not to render properly.
-Fixed a bug causing browser to generate harmless console error log when the user clicks on the histograms without the intention to extract sequence data.
-Added an overview control tab right below the amino acid buttons.
-Added an new highlight tab. Check the feature video for its demonstration!.

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